「Fun香」閱讀星雲大師系列著作~《星雲說喻 中英對照版② Bodhi Light Tales:Volume 2》 EP3 - 誰比較髒?Filthy

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「Fun香」閱讀星雲大師系列著作~《星雲說喻 中英對照版② Bodhi Light Tales:Volume 2》 EP3 - 誰比較髒?Filthy
期許《星雲說喻 中英對照版》能帶領更多的讀者探索故事中無窮的慈悲、智慧與布施精神,照亮生命的道路。
Since our earliest days, stories have been faithful companions, guiding us through life’s journey.
May Bodhi Light Tales illuminate your path as you explore the boundless possibilities of compassion, understanding, and generosity.
《星雲說喻 中英對照版② Bodhi Light Tales:Volume 2》
-      誰比較髒?Filthy
There was once a boy who fell into a well and became filthy. How did a Chan Master react to his disciple’s reluctance to clean the boy?

《星雲說喻 中英對照版②Bodhi Light Tales:Volume 2》,更多內容,歡迎瀏覽香海文化悅讀網 https://gandhabooks.com/

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