[TaiwanNews] 防疫在家拈花惹草 盆栽植物熱銷 Housebound flower fanciers boost sales of potted plants

2021-07-14·20 分鐘




Housebound flower fanciers boost sales of potted plants
With so many people staying at home to beat the COVID-19 outbreak, dallying with
plants and flowers has become the latest trend. Potted plants like Swiss cheese
plants, succulents and yew plum pines are all very popular and are becoming a
new favorite for people to spend time on at home, and they are selling briskly
both online and in physical stores.

The level 3 epidemic prevention measures are causing people to go out less than
usual, so many of us have no choice but to stay at home watching TV and
following drama series. Potted plants have also become a fashionable trend that
is boosting sales of all kinds of plants. Home deliveries are doing especially
well, with business on the up and up.

A Pingtung County gardening business owner surnamed Liu says that in the past
plant fanciers were mostly those who like to stay at home or are getting on in
years, but recently, with the rise of the Internet, potted plants can also be
delivered to your doorstep. With the serious outbreak preventing people from
going out, some young people have also started mucking around with plants.
Succulents, for example, are mostly grown in small pots, are quite cheap and do
not require much care. One kind of houseplant that is currently popular is Swiss
cheese plants. They are easy to care for, look pretty and are not particularly
expensive, so they are very popular with consumers. Sales of Swiss cheese plants
for home growing have grown by about three to four times since the current
disease-control measure were imposed. As for yew plum pines, they are relatively
expensive and a bit tricky for first-time growers, so you need to know a thing
or two about plants to make them grow well and look beautiful.

The stay-at-home economy during this epidemic-control period is as hard to
predict as the outbreak itself.

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