EP86 Balancing Business and Adventure: Agam's Nomadic Lifestyle

2024-05-02·20 minutes


Meet our VIP guest Agam:
- Agam, 28, spent the past year and a half as a digital nomad. He's a software developer from Israel who runs his own company. Agam decided to combine entrepreneurship with travel, as he can work remotely.

Starting Up Abroad:
- Agam felt that starting a company in expensive city wasn't necessary, so he opted to launch his venture in other countries. Initially without a clear business direction, he sustained himself by teaching programming to fund his company.

Balancing Work and Travel:
- About the balance between work and travel. He decided to focus on work first and explore different cities during his free time or on weekends. He finds this approach effective but acknowledges the challenge of managing the balance well.

**Nomad Life Challenges: **
- The ups and downs of traveling light and managing business on the go.
Freedom & Adventure:
Agam finds joy in the freedom to work and explore the world on his own terms.

(Interview time: August. 2023)
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