EP 12|(English) Two German teachers, 17 and 40 years in Taiwan. 被台灣土地黏住的兩位德國人- Deike and Michael

2022-06-24·39 minutes


東西德統一之前是什麼樣子? 台灣小巷子和牛肉麵為何這麼有魅力到讓人不想回德國?
Youtube 頻道: 「德文就是這麼簡單」的兩位主持人來告訴你~

*Growing up before and after the German re-unification
* Why started a Youtube channel teaching fun German
*Can't resist Taiwanese beef boodle soup and the small alley
*Taiwan is the safest country

Taiwan Multicultural Counseling Association: www.taiwanmca.org

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