Batman 5-minute stories: The Worlds' Greatest Heroes Unite

2021-02-09·9 分鐘


(Read by Mr. H)當全世界最厲害的超級英雄聚在一起, 他們可以一起打擊罪犯, 幫助該幫助的人. 這一集我們會看到蝙蝠俠, 超人和神奇女俠一起合作, 成功的解決惡勢力. 讓我們來聽聽這緊湊的故事情節還有讓人驚奇的動作片.
The World's Greatest Heroes Unite in Gotham City and battling the dark forces at night. The Superheroes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman reveal their superhero identities and work together as a team to tame the dragon that come alive at the museum. Let's buckle up and hear their thrilling adventures.
Written by Michael Teitelbaum, Illustrated by Steven E. Gordon, published by Harper Festival @ 5-Minute Batman Stories

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