EP_12 第二季最後一集!敬請期待第三季o(≧v≦)o

2021-05-26·24 分鐘


本季的大主題為Work Hard Play Hard,邀請許多在各個領域的專家,來本節目分享他們個人生命經驗及觀點,大叔由衷感謝!
第二季謝伯伯時間的#Trilingual #帶你講也在嘗試使用英語主持節目、訪問專家,為了更進一步,我們接著將帶來更多以英語為主的節目內容。
We (and you) survived TUX Season Two!

Special thanks to our music band in residence, Back'n'Forth. Their music add an
unique dimension to our discussions.

The focus of Season 2 is "Work Hard Play Hard". TUX uncles are grateful that
many subject matter experts came to the show to share their hands on

We also experimented with Audience Clip where our listeners lend us their voice
in different languages and all corners of Europe, North American, and Asia.

Season 2 marked TUX's first push into other languages with #Trilingual #帶你講
Going forward, we plan to bring series of English discussion with experts to
share their perspectives.

Finally, Season 2 started our expanded text presence. It allows TUX team to
provide more context for audience on the subjects under discussion.

For Season 3, TUX team plans to explore the question of what it means to be a
#MiddlePower. Using a lens that is neither US nor China, how does the rest of
the world stay relevant.

In this light, TUX will be exploring topics such as the COVID pandemic through
experience in Sweden, Australia, and others. Another topic under preparation is
how does a Middle Power, i.e. the most dangerous place on earth - Taiwan, cope
with the great power competition between the US and China.

Last, but not least, young people at the TUX team are proposing a series of
topics that they find intriguing. So far, uncles find these topics both
interesting and unfamiliar. Please come back and see if TUX uncles have what it
takes to stay relevant with the young people!


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