EP6【 玩唐詩】 元日、腦筋急轉彎冷笑話【Tang Dynasty Poem】First day of Lunar New Year by Wang Anshi, plus a brain teaser joke

2022-02-10·12 分鐘


🎉我們今天要來玩一首和過年有關的唐詩(是宋朝的詩,嚴格上來說是宋詩),宋朝文學家王安石所寫的元日,節目最後還有腦筋急轉彎冷笑話~We are going to learn a poem-First day of Lunar New Year by Wang Anshi (a philosopher, poet, and politician during the Song dynasty). 

🎉詩(有注音和拼音)列印連結 Poem print out link (with zuyin and pinyin)  

🧨簡易湯圓親子活動 Making sticky rice ball (bilingual video)
這是貝媽和豆妹一年前拍的影片🥳,非常簡易版的湯圓 We made this video a year ago. It’s super easy. The video is in dual language-Mandarin and English. This activity is great for developing fine motor skills and encouraging creativity. 

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