the GG show 第七集:Covid-19 pandemic in me and in my home country - 🇹🇭 Thailand & Eswatini 🇸🇿 (P3)

2021-05-27·49 分鐘


短介Brief:In this series, we continue to welcome Tan (Thailand) and Bongani
(Eswatini) to join in the discussion. Thailand as a member of ASEAN is also
experiencing the 3rd wave of outbreaks like we have here in Taiwan. Even
Eswatini is far away in Africa, as Bongani told us previously the condition is
not good. Let's listen to them in this episode!
(泰國) 以及 Bongani (史瓦帝尼) 加入了今天的討論。和前兩集越南一樣,泰國屬於東南亞國協之一,更正經歷著和台灣一樣的新冠肺炎疫情(第三波)爆發;史瓦帝尼雖然遠在非洲,但從Bongani的描述,其實之前的狀況也是非常的不理想;一起來聽聽他們怎麼說吧!


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"主持人Ms. GG 懺情錄:這是最後一場次了,這主題 Covid-19 pandemic in me and in my home country。
原本應該有三個場次,七個國家八個人,但是後來因為許多因素包含這一個台灣的疫情爆發,所以只安排了上一場次的貝里斯還有越南 (part 1 和 part
2),這一場次的泰國和史瓦帝尼就算是最後一個場次了。同樣也是分為上下集,算是這一系列的part 3 和 part 4。"

回顧 Catch-up: 貝里斯 Belize and 越南 Vietnam (part 1 and part 2) 

In this series, “Covid-19 pandemic in me and in my home country”, we appreciated
having Tan (Thailand) and Bongani (Eswatini) join in the discussion. Bongani
arrived in Taiwan to start his Ph.D. study in September 2019, which made him
away from home where many beloved relatives and friends died because of
Covid-19. Bongani didn’t experience the outbreak in Eswatini but now he is
together with all Taiwanese people experiencing this wave of community outbreak
in Taiwan. Tan luckily to go back to Thailand to visit his parents at the end of
2020, that he experienced a 14-days quarantine on both sides of Thailand and
also Taiwan. Coincidently, this wave of Covid-19 strikes Asia, not only in
Thailand but also in Taiwan, around the same time. Let us listen to what they
are observing here in Taiwan and also share their understanding from their own

這一系列,”Covid-19 pandemic in me and in my home




1st-3rd waves of Thai Pandemic on media (Following ordered links)
Policy to tackle Thai Pandemic

video 1
video 2


We would like to know how do you feel about this episode! Should there be any
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主持人Host:Ms. GG

邀請貴賓Inivted Guests:Tan and Bongani

錄製日期時間Rocording Date/Time:2021.05.25 下午 06:00 ~ 08:00pm

訪問大綱 Interview Guide:
01. Could you please introduce yourself and where you from?
02. For the past year, where were you? what did you do? and what happened to
this world? how did you feel?
03. How is the situation now in your mother country? could you please briefly
take us to your country's story from when Covid-19's first strike, what did it
04. Please provide THREE news reports (better in English if possible and you may
briefly tell the audience what the news report about in the recording) about the
severity of Covid-19 spreading in your home country.
- it would be very appreciated if you could provide these news reports to the
host before the recording.
05. Please provide THREE news reports (better in English if possible) about how
the government's act and strategy to flatten the curve.
- it would be very appreciated if you could provide these news reports to the
host before the recording.
06. Specifically on the Vaccination Roll-out, please tell us what is the ongoing
plan in your home country.

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