Apple watch eng, 2330 TSM Taiwan invest 2448晶元電

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純網路銀行一切服務都透過網路完成,可以節省掉實體銀行的店租、ATM 、行員、水電費、維護費之類的成本,進而提供更優惠的存款及貸款利率,促進金融產業邁向4.0


Epistar Corp. is the largest manufacturer of light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
in Taiwan.The company was established in 1996, and its headquarters are
in Hsinchu, In 2009 it had an annual turnover of NT$10 billion.
Epistar specialises in high-brightness LED products, which are used in general
lighting, traffic signals, and various consumer products such as mobile
phones and laptop computers.The company supplies the LED backlighting
for Samsung liquid crystal displays.
It is the world's largest manufacturer of red and yellow LEDs, and holds over
3000 patents. It has a history of patent disputes with competitor Philips
Lumileds, now Lumileds, over the use of AlInGaP LED technology. However, in
September, 2009, Philips Lumileds signed an agreement to license AlInGaP
technology to Epistar

(2448)晶元電是臺灣最大的發光二極體(LED)製造商。 公司成立於1996年,總部設在新竹,2009年年營業額為新臺幣100億元。 
Epistar 專注於高亮度 LED 產品,用於一般照明、交通信號以及手機和筆記型電腦等各種消費產品。 該公司為三星液晶顯示器提供 LED 背光。 
它是世界上最大的紅色和黃色 LED 製造商,擁有 3000
多項專利。 它與競爭對手飛利浦盧米萊德斯(現為盧米萊德)在使用AlInGaP LED技術方面存在專利糾紛的歷史。然而,2009年9月,飛利浦盧米萊德公司簽署了一項協定,將AlInGaP技術授權給Epistar

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