PrideVoice. Ep05|Interview w/ Calvin Lu

2021-03-18·1 小時 11 分鐘


PrideVoice. Ep05 - Calvin Lu

Calvin Lu is a switch, or we say ambi-dancer, from Bay Area in San Francisco,
USA. We met one time back in Taipei when he was traveling here in Taiwan to
visit his family members. He started dancing in his collage years, and kept
swinging out and SWIVELING until now. He said, in the interview, that he works
on his follow more than leads, and also this actually becomes a great
representation of non-traditional role dancing in the Bay Area. We continued on
interesting discussion and how he sees the community in Bay Area. Moreover, some
fun and practical expreience in incorprating switch dancing and eqaulity
phylosophy in the beginner class. Which I think … (my own opinion). Last but not
least, we jumped back to one of the my ultimate swing event destination - The
Switch Workshop! Calvin is the organizer team and he will be sharing about The


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