Dueling Presidential Border Stops

2024-02-29·34 minutes


Today, both President Biden and former President Trump are set to make visits to the U.S.-Mexico border. Immigration has become a top issue for voters this year, with a recent slew of violent crimes committed by illegal migrants adding urgency to the situation. Many believe President Biden is considering an executive order to help relieve the border crisis; however, the White House has said that no action will be taken following the President's trip to Brownsville, Texas. Senior Contributor at The Federalist Christopher Bedford and former Obama Administration official Jose Aristimuño join to give their perspectives on the two presidents' trip to the Southern border, what messaging each candidate will likely focus on, and what they must do to win over voters on the issue of immigration.
American consumers looking for relief in their wallets got bad news in January, as the numbers show households spent even more on their consumer goods and services. That worse-than-expected CPI report from earlier this month has economists concerned, and that report also revealed an unexpected, painful expense that’s been rising fast…auto insurance. Senior economic analyst at Bankrate, Mark Hamrick, joins the Rundown to explain why insurance rates are spiking now and the crucial mistakes being made by Americans deciding on their budgeting needs. 
Plus, commentary by stand-up comedian Jim Florentine.

Photo Credits: Associated Press
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