Роман "РУССКАЯ МОНАРХИЯ 2010" Писатель Ганова Людмила. (XX)

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Novel "RUSSIAN MONARCHY - 2010" Writer Ganova Ludmila (20) (18+) https://journalism21stcentury.news.blog/
Ganova Ludmila Author of novel «RUSSIAN MONARCHY»-2010 about restoration of legitimate Royal Monarchy of Romanovs by example of Spain and transfer of political power to Royal Successors / book about illegitimate political power in Russia 1918 — 2018 based on murder Emperor family of Romanovs in Russia, absence of legal international assessment of political murders.
Писатель Ганова Людмила Автор Романа "РУССКАЯ МОНАРХИЯ-2010" о восстановлении легитимной власти - Монархии Романовых в России по примеру Испании, Книги, Публицистика, Аудиокниги / Writer Ganova Ludmila - Novel "RUSSIAN MONARCHY-2010" about restoration of legitimate political power - Monarchy of Romanovs in Russia following the example of Spain. Books. Publicism. Audiobooks... https://russianmonarchy.blogspot.com/
Видеоблог «Русская Монархия - Блог семьи Цуриковых»

Ganova Ludmila Citation: «Modern political power in Russia is based on a terrible terroristic captured of legal powers by Bolsheviks in Russia and consequently illegal in Russia. And therefore apparently they is concerned that reign of the last Emperor Nikolay II, they constantly discredited him all the time. That is why V.I.Lenin is embalmed and placed in a sarcophagus on the main aquare of the country and no one is going to take away him from there. He became in many ways a symbol of this power. Let’s not forget that he captured power in this country by violent illegal revolutionary way.»

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