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Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time to start the agonizing process
of shopping for a new bathing suit. Finding the perfect suit that covers up
everything you’d rather not reveal while still showing off all the right parts
is difficult, especially for the ladies. But girls aren’t the only ones who can
be faced with a swimsuit dilemma.

When it comes to swimsuits for guys, there are two directions you can follow.
One is to go with a long, baggy board short that may get in the way when you’re
trying to swim but that you can wear around town without feeling over-exposed.
The other is the Speedo, a tight, short bathing suit like the kind professional
swimmers wear.

In the US, most guys wear board shorts. But Mason thinks they should become more
comfortable with their bodies and switch to Speedos. Hear him and Jeff argue
over the best kind of swimsuit for dudes.

Mason: So, I’m really excited for beach weather coming around, finally.
Jeff:  Yeah, me too. Well actually, there was a nice day the other day, and I
couldn’t help but notice at the beach that there were a couple guys that were
wearing some pretty skimpy stuff.
Mason:  Oh yeah.
Jeff:  I think they must’ve been European.
Mason:  Well, that’s just it, right? So, I went to Europe for my honeymoon, and
quite frankly, Jeff, I was inspired. I mean, the men there, they were just so
free. And I think that the Speedo is pretty near the height of self-expression
for a man who is OK with himself.
Jeff:  Uh…
Mason:  Have you tried it?
Jeff:  I just think you’re a little weird.
Mason:  I mean seriously, have you tried it?
Jeff:  For a little while in college, I experimented with the Speedo. I did an
exchange program where I lived in Marseilles, and that happens to be where I had
my Speedo times.
Mason:  I just, it’s the freedom of motion, you know? I like to run, I swim, I
surf, and it just…Those baggy swimsuits, they just tie me down, man. Not to
mention the weird tan lines, you know? ‘Cause then my thighs are all bleach
white, and then my lower legs are all nice and tan…
Jeff:  Yeah, well, those upper thighs are for you and Greta alone.

Mason can’t wait for summer to truly arrive so he can hit the beach. Jeff has
already been to the beach, and he was a little surprised by what he found there.
He says a couple of guys were wearing short, tight bathing suits known as
Speedos. It sounds like those suits made Jeff a little uncomfortable.

Unlike Jeff, Mason is a fan of the Speedo. He doesn’t like baggy bathing suits
that get in his way when he’s trying to swim or surf. He thinks that guys who
prefer long, loose board shorts are just uncomfortable showing off too much
skin. Mason believes they should embrace the Speedo. But Jeff disagrees. He
thinks the only people who should see the tops of Mason’s legs are Mason and his

What kind of bathing suit do you like to wear to the beach? Do you feel
embarrassed wearing a suit that is too revealing, or do you prefer suits that
give you more freedom to move around?

Grammar Point
Mason says he is excited for the warmer weather. He also says he was inspired by
the swimsuits he saw on his honeymoon.

Excited and inspired are both special types of adjectives. They’re adjectives of
emotion, or adjectives that are used to describe how someone feels. Adjectives
of emotion often end in “ed,” just like excited and inspired do.

Adjectives of emotion often follow the verb “be,” like when Mason says
he is excited.

Which is correct, “I am embarrassing to wear a tight swimsuit” or “I am
embarrassed to wear a tight swimsuit”?

❶ Where did Mason go on his honeymoon?

 Europe ✓
 South America

❷ Jeff saw some __ swimsuits at the beach.

 skimpy ✓

❸ Why does Mason like Speedos?

 They come in nice colors.
 They keep him covered up.
 They make him feel free. ✓
 They are more common in the US.

❹ When did Jeff try wearing a Speedo?

 In high school.
 In college. ✓

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