The Avengers

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The mother of all Marvel superhero movies is here. Thor, Captain
America, Hulk and Iron Man have all had their own successful movies. Now they
are all teamed up for one giant blockbuster that tells the story of how these
superheroes came to be so super.
Not only is The Avengers full of colorful characters, it is directed by Joss
Whedon who is famous for TV series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Naturally,
the critics love it. Find out if Jason and Marni do too.

Jason: Every summer, these big blockbusters come out, and I get really excited.
Like, I totally buy into the trailers. And then I’m usually let down. It’s just
not…the writing isn’t that good. It doesn’t deliver. But this summer, I really
think The Avengers is gonna be great.
Marni:  Really?
Jason:  Yeah.
Marni:  Well, I’m glad you’re so optimistic.
Jason:  Well, for one thing, almost all of the critics agree that it is great.
It’s gotten rave reviews. Pretty amazing cast, Robert Downey, Jr., Samuel L.
Jackson, Scarlett Johansson. And it’s the origin story of this team
of superheroes. That kind of stuff, it’s hard to miss.
Marni:  Well, it’s kind of interesting because the Iron Man series has done
really well, but the other two films that they brought out, Thor and Captain
America, neither of those did really well. It’ll be kind of interesting to see
how they bring it together.

Jason is excited to see The Avengers. He usually feels disappointed by big
summer blockbusters. But The Avengers has gotten great reviews from all
the critics.

Jason says that The Avengers has a great cast. It tells the origin story of a
team of superheroes. There have been several other movies about the same
characters, and they have gotten mixed reviews. But this movie brings all our
favorite superheroes together. Jason says it’s hard to miss with that kind of

Do you like superhero movies? Who is your favorite superhero? Are you going to
watch any summer blockbusters this summer?

Grammar Point
Simple Future Tense
Jason says he thinks The Avengers is going to be great. And Marni says it will
be interesting to see how the film turns out.

Both Marni and Jason use the simple future tense to talk about things that will
happen at some point later than now.

There are two ways to form the simple future tense. You can use be going to +
verb, or you can use will + verb.

For example, you can say, “I will see The Avengers when it comes out,” or, “I am
going to see The Avengers when it comes out.”

Which is correct, “We be going to see lots of blockbusters this summer,” or, “We
are going to see lots of blockbusters this summer”?

❶ Who has seen The Avengers?

 Both Jason and Marni.
 Neither Jason nor Marni. ✓

❷ A blockbuster is a __ movie.

 popular ✓
 critically acclaimed

❸ Jason thinks most summer blockbusters are __.

 disappointing ✓

❹ Which of these series did well, according to Marni?

 Captain America
 Iron Man ✓

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