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Despite the severe COVID-19 epidemic in Taiwan, the semiconductor packaging and
testing plant Licheng (6239) has consolidated revenue of NT$6.886 billion since
the end of May, a record high in a single month. The legal person pointed out
that Licheng continued to benefit from strong memory packaging and testing
orders and the growth of logic chip packaging and testing.

Licheng's consolidated revenue in May was 6.886 billion yuan, an increase of
3.22% from April's 6.671 billion yuan, an increase of 6.85% from 6.445 billion
yuan in the same period last year, a record single month high; accumulated in
the first five months of this year, Licheng self-integrated and merged Revenue
was 31.987 billion yuan, a slight increase of 0.52% from 31.82 billion yuan in
the same period last year.

Foreign legal persons pointed out that Licheng continued to benefit from strong
dynamic random access memory (DRAM) packaging and testing orders in the second
quarter. In addition, the visibility of NAND Flash packaging and testing orders
can be seen in the third quarter.

In the logic chip packaging and testing, Licheng pointed out that bumping and
wafer-level packaging (WLP) drive the product portfolio. It is estimated that
the proportion of logic chips for bumping wafers will exceed 50% from the second

Looking ahead to capital expenditures, Licheng pointed out that the scale of
capital expenditures in the first quarter of this year was approximately NT$2.6
billion. It is estimated that capital expenditures this year can maintain the
level of previous years, approaching 15 billion yuan.

The legal person stated that Licheng will actively expand its fan-out
wafer-level packaging (FOFLP) production capacity this year, and plans to
transfer more than 50% of its wafer-level packaging production capacity to logic
chip packaging and testing applications by the end of this year.

儘管台灣本土COVID-19疫情嚴峻,不過半導體封測廠力成 (6239)

外資法人指出,力成第2季持續受惠動態隨機存取記憶體(DRAM)封測訂單強勁,另外NAND型快閃記憶體(NAND Flash)封測訂單能見度可看到第3季。


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