【TaiWay閒聊】#1: 一個台灣人早上的例行公事 Morning Routine of a Taiwanese

2021-07-09·9 分鐘


Do you want to learn how Mandarin Chinese is spoken in Taiwan? 
Hit that play button, and find out!

100% Chinese content to help you learn the language naturally.

What you will learn in this episode 這集你會學到的東西:

・how to talk about morning routines 怎麼聊早上的例行公事

・useful words for social media 社群軟體相關的實用單字

・what helps me feel refreshed in the morning 早上做什麼會幫助我清醒

・The thing that changed my breakfast habit forever 什麼東西永遠改變了我的早餐習慣

・a podcast recommendation 我推薦的一個中文Podcast 《The Real Story》By 報導者

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