24 Meeting an online friend in Salzburg

2022-01-13·4 分鐘


I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff. 我寧願有一本蓋滿章的護照,也不願意有一間裝滿雜物的屋子。
I was really looking forward to meeting Christine, a Taiwanese blogger and a local tour guide based in Austria who I had invited to one of my early podcasts to talk about intercultural relationships. I have been following Christine on social media ever since the podcast episode was first released seven years ago. Although I had never met Christine in person, throughout the podcast interview, I felt she was really outgoing and seemed happy in her marriage with her Austrian husband and family. So I was really surprised to learn that her divorce was finalized soon after the podcast episode, although my marriage with a British-born Chinese man didn’t last long either. I wanted to meet up with her to chat about intercultural relationships and to finally catch up in person.
Christine was petite though her energy could light up the coffee shop where we met in downtown Salzburg. She told me about her new life, new man and work she’s been doing and she was very content with her life in Austria. It looked like Christine had moved on a long time ago and was enjoying her freedom.
She volunteered to be my tour guide the next day and showed me around in Salzburg the next day. This was really nice and we had a walk-around, lunch and drinks.  This time we even recorded a new episode for my podcast and Christine and I gave new advice on love and marriage, in which we both shared how important it is for women to have their financial independence and self-care.
Salzburg was even more beautiful because now I had learnt from Christine’s positivity and outlook on life. It was really nice to meet up with her and I wish all the best for her life in Austria.
Stay tuned…there’s much more to come!
In the next episode I’ll be sharing stories that occured in Munich, Germany.