Citrus Fruit

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When sailors went on long voyages, they would take citrus fruits like limes or
oranges with them. Without them, or specifically, the vitamin C inside them, the
sailors would die!

These days, sailors have vitamin C pills, but that doesn’t mean that eating a
grapefruit isn’t good for your health. Citrus fruits are a tasty way to stay

One way many people enjoy citrus fruits is in juices. Orange juice is a common
breakfast beverage in the US. Find out if Jeff and Sara take theirs with or
without pulp in this food English lesson.

Jeff: I remember in wintertime I would always visit my grandparents and they
lived in Los Angeles, and in their backyard they had an orange tree and a lemon
tree. And it always blew me away, because in the wintertime where I lived, it
was cold.
Sara:  Did it feel like summer when you would pick one of those oranges off the
Jeff:  Yeah, it was like paradise...go pick an orange or a lemon, make
some fresh-squeezed lemonade.
Sara:  Oh nice! Do you like lemonade to be really sour or do you like it more
Jeff:  I like both qualities, not too much of one.
Sara:  Here’s a real question with juice made from citrus fruits: pulp or no
Jeff:  See, I like the pulp, but I know a lot of people don’t like pulp.
Sara:  You see, I think it’s…not to be too graphic…it kind of reminds me of
Jeff:  OK, I can understand that. It is a little weird.
Sara:  Well, you know, I think the best thing about citrus and citrus juice is
that when you’re starting to get sick, and you drink or eat some citrus, it’s
like a full dose of vitamin C.
Jeff:  Yeah, vitamin C, it’s good for you.
Sara:  It’s true. And you know, I actually feel like I might be coming down with
something, so I’m going to go grab an orange. Do you want one?
Jeff:  Yeah, I’ll have one.

When Jeff was young, he used to visit his grandparents in Los Angeles where it
was so warm in the winter that he could pick lemons and oranges off the tree. He
loved to drink fresh-squeezed lemonade there.

Sara is a big fan citrus fruits. Not only are they healthy and full of vitamin
C, but she also thinks they’re tasty. Except for pulp in orange juice. She hates

In fact, Sara uses citrus fruit almost like medicine. When she might be coming
down with something, she makes sure to eat an orange.

What is your favorite kind of citrus fruit? Do you like pulp in your orange

Grammar Point
Modal Verbs: Would
Jeff remembers he would always visit his grandparents and pick fruit from their
trees. He uses this modal verb to describe a habitual action in the past.

Modal verbs come before and modify the main verb in a sentence and help explain
ideas like possibility, necessity, or obligation. In this case, would indicates
that this is something Jeff did often in the past.

Which is correct, “Whenever Sara got sick, she would eat an orange,” or,
“Whenever Sara gets sick, she would eat an orange”?

❶ Jeff loved to make __ from the fruit on his grandparents’ trees.

 fresh-squeezed lemonade ✓
 fresh-squeezed orange juice
 orange juice without pulp

❷ Why is Sara going to go eat an orange now?

 Talking about them makes her want one.
 She eats one every day.
 She might be getting sick. ✓
 Her doctor told her to.

❸ Citrus fruits are full of __.

 vitamin C ✓
 All of these.

❹ Which is correct?

 She might be coming down on something.
 She might be coming down something.
 She might be coming down with something. ✓
 None of these.

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