EP.2 林正欣:那是我最接近死亡的時候。(上)

2021-07-01·45 分鐘







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The friend I found in this episode means a lot to me personally. When I think of
interviewing the players, he must be the first one.

Hsin Lin is a player I have cooperated with many times on the field. Because of
his hard work and never giving up, I realized that it is a wonderful experience
to fight together, enjoy the glory together, and take responsibility together as
a player's assistant.

He has beaten almost all the elite players, but just missed the gold medal. I
have an idea: the gold medal throne cannot always be on one person, but when it
comes to the strongest silver medal, I only agree with one person, which seems
to be a good comment.

This episode allows everyone to listen to his battle with the god of death.
Maybe you don’t know that the experience of almost knocking on the death door of
being in danger is actually part of a group of severely physically handicapped
people in their lives.

And there is something maybe you don't know.......

OK, let's Boccia BAR !

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