S1E5 - Fireside Chats with the founders: 4 years with Pundi X and forward

2022-01-28·50 分鐘


In October 2021, Pundi X Chain was launched on Function X. We are grateful to see that with the support of the community as we are taking a step closer to reach the goals we set for ourselves.

Stepping into the 5th year of Pundi X, the vision has always been there when Pundi X first established, and step by step we are constantly building towards that world where true decentralization is the new norm for everyone.

Today, let’s chill out with the founders and have a little chat about how we feel and what we hope for in the future of the development of both Pundi X and Function X.Pundi X 4 yearsA bit of history: How did Pundi X first createdForming the Pundi X TeamThe birth of Function X Pundi X and Function XThe journey so farThe journey ahead

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