15Mins Live Podcast - 英語慣用語系列 – 夏天相關慣用語 Summer related Idioms

2022-08-06·1 小時 10 分鐘


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主題: 英語慣用語系列 – 夏天相關慣用語 Summer related Idioms
A fish out of water 不自在/難適應
Meaning: Someone who feels awkward or unhappy because they are not in their usual environment
Example: Since he had no experience swimming in the ocean, he swam like a fish out of water.
Ray of Sunshine 一縷陽光
Meaning: A happy person who makes the people around them feel happy too
Example: Mary is a ray of sunshine who always makes people laugh.
A drop in the ocean 杯水車薪
Meaning: An amount so small that it doesn’t really make a difference
Example: For those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, the NTD5,000 consumption vouchers are like a drop in the ocean.
Make hay while the sun shines 打鐵趁熱
Meaning: To take advantage of a good situation while it lasts
Example: We have two months of summer holiday, so let’s make hay while the sun shines and go travelling.
Travel on a shoestring 少預算的旅行
Meaning: To travel on a tight budget
Example: I’m planning a trip across Europe this summer, but due to budgets I’m having to travel on a shoe string.
Use two to three idioms to share a story about your summer vacation.