Field work vs Lab work in Biology: COVID vaccines, John Snow, and TurtleSpot

2021-07-14·11 分鐘


When people think of biology or science in general, the first thing that comes
to mind is lab work: researching microorganisms, chemistry, lab procedures...
and all the jazz. What they may not know is the significance of field work in

In this episode, we take a look at John Snow's tracing of the cholera outbreak
and China's vaccine controversy in Bahrain to see just how important field work
really is. Then, armed with my experience in both the field and the lab, I break
down the strengths and weaknesses of each. Strap on, my friends!

Music used:
Eimshore - Pillars of Eternity
Ilya Truhanov
Matt Large - Dusty Conscience
(Anton Kazantsev)

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