Ep.12 Garage Sales

2021-07-13·1 分鐘


Stuff has a way of piling up. Even if you have a lot of storage, you will run
out of room eventually. Everyone has some things they could get rid of. But how?

You don’t just want to throw your stuff away. That would be wasteful, and it’s
got to be worth something to someone. Time for a garage sale!

A garage sale, also known as a yard sale or tag sale, is when you put all of the
things you want to sell on your lawn or in your garage, put price tags on them,
and sell them for a day or two. Shopping at garage sales can be a great way to
find used furniture, electronics, and all sorts of fun surprises.

Jason is thinking about having a garage sale. Listen to him discuss how to clear
out some junk with Sara in this organization English lesson.

Jason: I’m going through all my storage and I have a lot of stuff to get rid of.
Sara:  What are you going to do with it?
Jason:  Well, I’m trying to decide if I should have a garage sale or if I should
just sell it individually online.
Sara:  It’s kind of fun to have a garage sale.
Jason:  Yeah, I was thinking if it’s a nice day, my friends could just drop
by and we could just hang out on the lawn, kind of waiting for people to come
buy things.
Sara:  I think it’s cool, whether it’s your neighbors coming over, or someone
who saw a sign that you put up a few blocks away, you just get this interesting
accumulation of people who want to come look at your weird stuff.
Jason:  That’s a good point. Although, I’m worried that I won’t make as much
money at a garage sale. I think if I put it on Ebay the whole world will have a
full week to find it, instead of just the neighbors and random people that see
the sign.
Sara:  It’s true, but I think that if you’re moving away you might want to have
that experience of having a really nice community moment before you go. Maybe
save some of your most expensive things to put on Ebay, but all your junk? Just
have a garage sale.
Jason:  Sounds like a plan.

Jason has a lot of stuff he needs to get rid of. He’s thinking of having
a garage sale, but he thinks he might make more money selling his stuff online.

Sara agrees that your junk may sell for more if you post it online, but she
still thinks Jason should have a garage sale. She says it’s fun to hang out in
front of your house and meet the people who drop by to buy some used stuff.

Have you ever had a garage sale? Do you like to shop at garage sales? What is
the best way to get money for your old stuff?

Grammar Point
Past Progressive Tense
When Jason says, “I was thinking if it’s a nice day, my friends could just drop
by and we could just hang out on the lawn, kind of waiting for people to come
buy things,” he is using the past progressive tense.

The past progressive tense (also sometimes called “past continuous”) is formed
by using was/were + main verb + ing.

We use this tense to talk about actions in the past that took place over time.
Jason thought about what it would be like to have a garage sale many times or
continuously over a period of time.

Which is correct, “He was sleeping,” or, “He were sleeping”?


❶ What is another term for “garage sale”?

 Yard sale. ✓
 Price tag.
 Drop by.
 None of these.

❷ Sara likes garage sales better than selling stuff online because __.

 they make more money
 you get to meet people ✓
 it’s faster
 None of these.

❸ Before talking to Sara, Jason __.

 was planning a garage sale
 had not thought about a garage sale
 was not planning a garage sale
 was thinking about having a garage sale ✓

❹ Ultimately, Sara says Jason could sell some stuff online, but have a garage
sale to __.

 get rid of junk ✓
 drop by
 throw stuff away
 hang out

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