18. Cannabis in Taiwan: Zoe Lee (Lawyer)

2021-04-23·30 分鐘


The state of cannabis in Taiwan with the country’s only lawyer who only takes on cannabis-related cases.

In 2020, she ran for a seat in the parliament on the platform of legalizing medical marijuana. She’s currently deputy secretary general of the Green Party in Taiwan. In March 2021, Ms. LEE won “Best Show Host” at the inaugural KKBOX Podcasts Awards for her podcast on cannabis, “In The Weeds with Lawyer Zoe Lee #大麻煩不煩,” produced by Ghost Island Media. 

Marijuana remains a taboo in Taiwan. It’s a Class-2 narcotics. That’s the same class as meth. Possession over 20 grams can get you 5 years to life time in jail. 

There is a movement for legalization here in Taiwan, and Ms. Zoe is a key person leading this movement. The global legal marijuana market, by one estimate, is predicted to be at 65 Billion USD by 2027. Cannabis is a global trend, and this is The Taiwan Take.

Today’s episode is hosted by Emily Y. Wu, co-founder of Ghost Island Media and producer of The Taiwan Take.

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