15Mins Live Podcast - 常混淆的日常動詞 Say vs Tell / Talk vs Speak

2022-01-15·1 小時 2 分鐘


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主題: 常混淆的日常動詞 Say vs Tell / Talk vs Speak


Say vs. Tell

Say can be used to mean the following:


To give a report of someone else words (Someone said something)

To ask how to use a different language (Say something in Chinese)

To tell can be used to mean:


To narrate (To tell a story)

To instruct (To tell John to buy something)




Did he say something about the classes?

How do you say I love you in Spanish?

Tell him to come here

He is telling a good story

Speak to and talk to


Speak and talk suggest that a person is using his voice, or that two or more people are having a conversation.


We can say:


speak to someone

talk to someone

speak to someone about something

talk to someone about something.


Speak is more formal


One of the main differences is formality. Speak is a little more formal than talk, and is often used in polite requests:

Hello, could I speak to David Thompson, please? [formal, on the telephone]

I’ve got a complaint: I want to speak to the manager. [formal, in a restaurant or shop]

Talk is a little less formal and is more common in spoken English:

What on earth are you talking about? = ‘you are not making sense’ or ‘you are not being truthful’.

I was talking to Tom yesterday. He told me about his new house and job.



你對你朋友生氣 :「我會告訴你媽媽!」


跟你同事說 「我們兩點可不可聊聊?」