PR | Tips for Sourcing Effective Media Leads

2023-03-07·11 minutes


This week, we're talking about sourcing for media platforms to reach out to to collaborate with, and what's the best way to really be effective in your approach. 
I know that there's a lot of independent artists out there who feel like this is very daunting for them. They feel like they need a publicist to help them, like they need someone to help them to negotiate those deals or get those features. But when push comes to shove, sometimes you just don't have the resources at that point in time to get yourself there. It can also become dangerous to hire someone to do something you don't understand, because as an artist entrepreneur, it can be like you're throwing your money into a black hole. So we're here to help you change your mindset about DIY PR!
When it comes down to sourcing for media platforms, there's two different approaches, there's the cast your net wide approach and the targeted/quality approach. Today we're going to dive into the targeted and tailored approach to help you easily source more media platforms that are right for you and your media list. Timestamps[00:44] How public relation works in the music industry[02:52] The different approaches to sourcing for media platforms[07:34] Tips to prevent spamming in public relations[08:08] Getting into a new market and succeeding as an individual artist
Key takeaways●     Public relation is really about the skill of targeting the platforms you are looking for and the way you reach out and communicate with them.●     Publicists are not cheap. It’s something that you would invest in when you have a clear idea of your business model and revenue as an artist.
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