Ep072 - 3/29/22 - 2020 Audits; Economy; Sup. Court; Transgender; Hunter’s Laptop; Immigration; COVID

2022-03-30·1 hour 6 minutes


November 2020 elections (new analysis showing excess votes; proven votes flipped in Mesa County, CO)
Economy (Biden's $5.8T budget and tax increases; Impending recession)
Supreme Court nominee hearing (most liberal in Court's history; soft on child pornography crime)
Transgender athletes (news stories from NCAA, Florida, Utah, etc.)
Hunter Biden's laptop (even The NY Times says it's real and compromising)
Trump sues Hillary Clinton and others over falsified "Russia collusion" data, etc.
Immigration update (the invasion is soon to escalate even more)
COVID update (troubling information from released FDA documents; Fauci to retire; spike protein persists for months causing problems)