1.4 Learn about Belize with Thalia 聊聊貝里斯

2021-09-19·44 minutes


In the fourth episode of International Talk, I am so happy to be talking to my friend, Thalia. In this episode, we will be talking about her experience here in Taiwan, how she has been affected by Taiwanese culture, and the country she is from; Belize. 
今天是第四集的訪談 今天的來賓是來自 貝利茲的 Thalia. 除了擁有一個很善良的心 Thalia的故是也是很經彩,從來台灣到他現在的工作和她來自的國家 我一直都有很多想問他的問題,今天他就來分享他的這些故事。

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