EP_6 TUX Office Hour-Dillon與大叔談他的美國高中生活

2021-04-14·32 分鐘


Dillon與大叔談他的美國高中生活如果你覺得亞洲的學子辛苦,那讓我們來看看在美國加州 Cupertino市 Monta Vista高中
(https://mvhs.fuhsd.org/)的十年級生Dillon 最近都在忙什麼。他規劃高中時期總共要唸(考)9個和大學同等學歷的AP(Advanced





Dillon is a sophomore in Cupertino’s Monta Vista High School
(https://mvhs.fuhsd.org/) in California, US. He expects to take up to nine (9)
AP classes during high school career. (AP stands for Advanced Placement and,
upon passing the AP exam, this class can be accepted for college level credit.)
As a violinist, he is a member of the school orchestra, participates in an
outside chamber music ensemble, and conducts regular benefit concerts in the
area. Varsity and junior varsity levels for basketball and volleyball are his
current athletic commitment. He is also members of two school clubs where one
consults with local businesses and the other competes on business case analyses.
Finally, he produces a podcast (https://cutt.ly/PcodJFD).Dillon is an amazing
young man.It is said that the average IQ has been going up continuously (aka
Flynn effect: https://cutt.ly/6cogspM). This, however, does not make life easier
for each new generation. Take Dillon, he is competing within his own cohort and
not slackers like the TUX uncles. While this is a burden, it does free every
generation from the tyranny of stale wisdom and experiences of the past
cohorts.For somebody at Dillon’s caliber, it is important to remember that we
are all unique in our own ways; namely, we all have our own weaknesses. The
great mind of Einstein never got quantum mechanics. Conversely, a person who is
versatile in quantitative analyses can enjoy poetry and arts without conflict.
Keeping oneself competitive is important, more important still is the ability to
know one’s own limitations and preferences.Finally, we should all be more like
Dillon where he reaches out to the wider community. It is all too easy to stay
and re-enforce our own bubbles. Understanding the world around us and extending
a helping hand is what makes us better individuals and society a better

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