EP123 | 5 分鐘補血 #異常的英文怎麼說 #空手道為何吶喊 #白宮群聚感染嗎 #馬爾地夫別無選擇 #吉爾吉斯在哪裡 | 聽新聞學英文

2020-10-08·5 分鐘



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1 【contract 染病】— 動詞(正式)
A White House aide confirmed he had contracted coronavirus on Tuesday.

2 【Kyrgyzstan 吉爾吉斯】— 名詞(國家)
Kyrgyzstan's prime minister has resigned after strong post-election protests.

3 【opt 選擇】— 動詞
Many countries opted to keep border restrictions in place.

4 【abnormal 異常的】— 形容詞
The large ozone hole is caused by abnormal Antarctic weather.

5 【battle cry 戰鬥時的吶喊】— 名詞
Kiai is the battle cry of Karate.


1)contract 染病
2)Kyrgyzstan 吉爾吉斯
3)opt 選擇
4) abnormal 異常的
5)battle cry 戰鬥時的吶喊

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